One sweet day

May 2021

OK, the title is a bit of love for Mariah and the Boyz. But it’s one sweet day trip designed especially for you, taking you from Médoc to Blayais in a matter of pedals. The timetable is ours but you can use it as a base to do your own thing: let’s get our action-packed day started (no nap included)!

08:29 – The start line is Bordeaux Saint-Jean station!

We hop on the Bordeaux-Le Verdon TER train with the bikes, so cool! Being able to bring our bikes along for the ride is so handy. We’re off on a 45 min journey to Margaux, our first stop and one of Médoc’s 8 appellations. Let’s feast our eyes on the scenery and take our senses on an adventure too.

09:25 – Margaux, all change

We cycle the short ride to Château Lascombes for a tour followed by a tasting. We soak up the cellar’s cosy atmosphere as we taste one of the winery’s second Grand Cru Classé appellation tipples with subtle notes of fruit, spices and wood.

10:00 – Mmm… we can smell chocolate

at the Mademoiselle de Margaux chocolate shop we get a change of scene and flavour just 100m from Château Lascombes; classic chocolate Sarments and Guinettes to indulge our sweet tooth. 

10:30 – The mind-blowing châteaux loop (8km)

This is one of the loveliest rides deep in the vineyard with fabulous estuary views: Château Palmer, Château d’Issan, Château Rauzan-Ségla and more. The path takes you by some of the appellation’s most beautiful wineries. We can even spot the majestic neo-classical Château Margaux at the end of its long row of plane trees.

11:00 – Let’s take things up a notch! (8km)

… to reach Port de Lamarque. Marshes make way for green pastures before we reach Port de Lamarque, and we’re not even out of breath. It’s time to hop on the ferry.

12:00 – Let’s set sail

Destination: the right bank. Blaye Citadel’s grey row of 17th century ramparts looms ahead. Fort Pâté, Fort Médoc and Blaye Citadel form the “Verrou Vauban” designed by Louis XIV’s famous architect. The “Verrou Vauban” has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2008.

13:00 – Lunch break

We soak up the stunning views of the estuary from Le Petit Canon restaurant’s terrace on Place d’Armes in the Citadel.

14:00 – Wall walk

The little garrison city is surrounded by moats and has a wall walk so you can explore all its fortifications: chapel, hospital, gates and drawbridge.

15:00 – No fear!

We delve deep into the Citadel’s belly on a guided tour run by Blaye Tourist Information.

16:30 All roads lead to the barrel

(on the V80 – Canal des 2 Mers/8km)

After the Citadel’s cobbles and keeps, it’s time to put the spotlight on the former railway track turned bike path that we ride to Château Les Chaumes, on the Blaye-Etauliers segment. This incredible path covers over 700km from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean.

17:00 – Hot stuff at Château Les Chaumes

Being both on the V80 bike path and Tour de Gironde race route, Château Les Chaumes is a prime spot for cyclists approved by “Accueil Vélo” and “Vignobles & Découvertes”. In the cooperage, the barrels above the fire pit are being charred. We end our tour tasting the winery’s wine.

18:00 – Summer on a gentle slope (8km)


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