Get out and about

Do you want to experience everything the vineyard has to offer? Come and have fun here with whoever you want to bring along for the ride. There’s only one rule: just enjoy yourself, enjoy every last drop of it. Here are some of our tried and tested suggestions to help you on your way!

Something different

You don’t need to go far to experience the exotic.

You know, that taste of adventure with a dash of the unknown, new sensations that will make your heart race.

Family adventures and trips

Visiting the Bordeaux vineyard with the family has its own flavour…

It’s fuelled by adventure with a good dash of delicious food, fun and culture. Children and adults can unlock the secrets behind winemaking… but that’s not all…

Lovely outings

You don’t need a grape hod to hike around a vineyard’s plots, just pull on your backpack and follow the path.

With 4200km of footpaths and 700km of bike paths, it’s safe to say that Gironde is heaven for nature lovers and cycling fans.

Seasides & Grape Vines

All grape vines lead to the seaside in Bordeaux: that’s right ladies and gentlemen, the vineyard is lapped by the waves here.

To your left, well, the west, a wonderful wall of water takes you by the hand and showers you with affection from the ocean and calmer waters.