Wine tasting

We have to start by saying that our advice is based on one golden rule: drink responsibly! Because if you drink responsibly, you learn to really taste the wine, notice its aromas, flavours and really enjoy the experience. Actually, we even have a school where you can learn the art of tasting in Bordeaux, just so you know. Join us to find out more!

The Grands Crus

Ah, Bordeaux’s Grands Crus Classés…

They’re what our beautiful vineyard is famous for! They capture a certain standard and expertise that you can find throughout the Bordeaux vineyard.

Organic wine (but that's not all!)

Fancy exploring places and activities committed to the environment and energy transition?

The Bordeaux vineyard is eco-friendly, with over 60% of wineries now involved in an environmental certification!

Wine bars

Wine bars are buzzing with life and a real institution in the Bordeaux vineyard.

We may love making wine but we really love drinking it. Wine bars are the perfect place to experience the diversity of Bordeaux wines. Diversity, it’s safe to say, is in every colour here!