Eco-friendly vineyard

The vineyard is nature, and you don’t mess with nature!

The Bordeaux vineyard has spent over a decade significantly upgrading its farming techniques to better respect biodiversity and, most importantly, improve the standard of its produce.

Currently over 65% of wineries have been awarded an accredited environmental certification.* The aim is 100% by 2025.

Aside from current methods, the Bordeaux vineyard is also involved in research and development projects to create techniques that will enable French vineyards to overcome the energy transition challenges of the future.

We’re talking organic farming, but that’s not all! Sustainable vine growing (a process overseeing any effect farming may have on the environment) and biodynamic agriculture (the use of celestial and terrestrial forces in the production cycle) are also popular.

So get away from it all, open the door, step into the cellar, taste blind and learn how the Bordeaux vineyard is doing its bit for the planet.

If you want to find out everything Bordeaux wine is involved in, walk this way!

*AB (organic agriculture), Demeter (biodynamic agriculture), HVE (High Environmental Value), Terra Vitis (sustainable vine growing), Biodyvin (biodynamic vine growing), AREA (eco-friendly agriculture in Aquitaine), SME (environmental resource management), AFAQ ISO14001 (environmental management certification), Agriconfiance (eco-friendly vine growing methods).

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Pulpe's tip

The Bordeaux vineyard is the 1st vineyard to include environmental techniques in the specifications for appellations. For example, Saint-Émilion and Côtes de Bourg were the first to include prior involvement in an environmental certification in their specifications. You can’t go wrong!

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