Seasides & Grape Vines

All grape vines lead to the seaside in Bordeaux: that’s right ladies and gentlemen, the vineyard is lapped by the waves here.

To your left, well, the west, a wonderful wall of water takes you by the hand and showers you with affection from the ocean and calmer waters.

The vast beaches will make you want to explore with the wind in your hair, the shoes off your feet and a big gulp of sea air. Unless you prefer chilling out on your beach towel for a siesta, happy in your sandy pit. Médoc is our most iconic seaside appellations with its long strip of fine sand just a stone’s throw from the best vintages.

A few miles away in Arcachon Bay, the chief ambassador of white wine, treat yourself to a trip to a little oyster hut before taking a dip (or “faire un plouf” as we say here) in calmer water than the ocean currents.

Hang onto your swimsuit because you’ll stumble upon magical coves where you can enjoy some me-time during your outing.

Local’s top tip: head to the beach around 4pm when everyone else is leaving so you can enjoy the sunset. A sight for sore eyes!

Pulpe's tip

Take a barge trip to Arcachon Bay to sample some delicious oysters washed down by a glass of Entre-deux-Mers: now that’s how to wine and dine on the coastline.