Lovely bike rides, boat trips, hikes

You don’t need a grape hod to hike around a vineyard’s plots, just pull on your backpack and follow the path.

With 4200km of footpaths and 700km of bike paths, it’s safe to say that Gironde is heaven for nature lovers and cycling fans. Walks, horse and bike rides on bypaths and signposted paths alike exude the surrounding lands and grapes. Paths from coombs, plains and valleys lead to leafy forests, maritime lagoons and the sand belt.

Water from the river and estuary elevate the green and ochre landscape so you can hop between banks as you feast your eyes on the scenery. Water and vineyards are everywhere and provide you with a whole host of amazing outings.


Our very own Little Miss Cycling has put together routes that bring you the best of the area with vineyards, ocean and the wow factor.


Miles of walking will certainly get your money’s worth out of your shoes but the joy you’ll feel as you explore uncharted and leafy lands is PRICELESS!

Gironde Tourisme is here to help you unleash your inner nature lover with specially designed trails that are low on challenge but high on experience.


Wine legs meet sea legs: from cocktails with friends and magical meals gliding by the Port de la Lune to stops to sample food and wine, the vineyard certainly has its sea legs.

There are boat trips all year round available everywhere from Libourne and Bordeaux to Bourg-sur-Gironde.