Where to stay

Find your happy place in Gironde

Are you wondering how you can sleep and explore at the same time? Like everything here, you have to feast your eyes before you close them. Feast your eyes on the magical and unique places around you, capture the wonder in your heart and then, only then, can you close your eyes. Ready? Bedtime!

Magical accommodation

Did you say magical?

Stay right there, you’re in the right place: you’ll be pampered, spoiled and whisked away on an adventure, be it day or night.

Quirky accommodation

We can already tell that you LOVE surprises.

Hold onto your hat, you’re going to fall head over heels with the vineyard when we unveil our quirky accommodation options. We’re sure you’ll agree that if you want to make the most of a wine trip, it shouldn’t end when the sun goes down!

Natural accommodation

We wouldn’t say no!

We’re all for the great outdoors, switching off and chilling out to the max. Introducing responsible travel that’s all about holidays in nature-loving locations and keeping things local.

Historical night

Dive into history and spend a night in it!

Experience the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the foundations of architecture and the “X” factor that can be overused but not in Gironde (we’re being totally objective here).

Cultural accommodation

A night seeped in contemporary art, masterpieces, artistic competition, pure joy!

Well, we’ve done it: your wine trip drops you off for a night in one of the châteaux or establishments that put the spotlight on making wine… and making art.