The Bordeaux vineyard’s diary

We know how to party in the Bordeaux vineyard!

There’s something for everyone so, whenever you’re here and whoever you’re with, on your own, a loved one, family or friends, you’ll always find something to jazz up your days and nights…

The year is packed with open doors for appellations and châteaux and big events in spring and autumn where you can spend time with winemakers and other visitors.

Getting together is our thing. Grape harvest feasts, festivals celebrating baroque music, rock, jazz, theatre, philosophy, sports events, trails and marathons through the vines etc.

Even the farmers’ markets are an opportunity to party and feast in our irresistible vineyard!

The event schedule is subject to modification due to the current pandemic. We make every effort to keep information up to date but we recommend contacting the organisers to check the event is going ahead.

S'amuser - Bordeaux Wine Trip
Pulpe's tip

Bordeaux Fête le Vin is the biggest highlight in the vineyard and an incredible festival to experience. It’s a sensory journey by the river meeting wine merchants and makers. A unique opportunity to taste the fruit of their work and experience all the subtlety of the Bordeaux vineyard’s appellations. It’s a cultural and show-stopping adventure too with concerts, sailboats and old rigs to gaze at and visit, banquets, exhibitions, workshops and more.

So let’s set sail for four days of festival and fun!