Bordeaux Wine Festival 2023 | Pulp edition

June 2023

OMG : Bordeaux Fête le Vin is back!

My dear Pulpos,

I hope you have booked your schedule from the 22nd to the 25th of June. In case you might have forgotten, it’s the event of the year: Bordeaux Wine Festival! The Bordeaux vineyards will be celebrated for four days on the banks of the Garonne. Second breaking news: Bordeaux Fête le Vin will now take place EVERY year (#hysteria). And hold on tight: the Pulpe team will be there to offer you a myriad of experiences in the “A full-day in the Bordeaux vineyard” pavilion. Have I made your day in just five lines or not?

The Bordeaux vineyards, as if you were there

Once again this year, the Pulpe team has racked their brains to offer you an outstanding program. The idea? Bringing the activities typically found in the wineries directly to the riverbanks. It’s called “A Full-day in the Bordeaux vineyard,” four days of activities as unusual as they are creative.

Smooth Mornings

In the editorial team, we like to keep things relaxed, so let’s start off gently. Let’s begin with a little session of sophrology or relaxation, to realign our chakras. And the mindful tasting becomes even more intense.

Slimming (or not) Midday Delights

1PM, the stomach grumbles. Fortunately, it’s time for the Chef’s Workshop. On the menu, the preparation of delicious recipes and tasting with a local chef.

Blissful Afternoons

I don’t know about you, but for me, a little musical nap is in order. I set aside my wine glass for a moment to close my eyes… Ah, how wonderful it is at Bordeaux Wine Festival!

After this well-deserved rest, it’s time for the Bordeaux Wine Festival workshops in the “A Full-day in the Bordeaux vineyard” pavilion. And let me tell you, the prestigious vineyards are full of imagination. Check it out: sensory activities, interactive games, escape rooms, blind tastings, virtual animations, upcycling… I don’t know where to begin! The irresistible vineyard is truly resourceful.

In the corridors, I’ve heard whispers of horseshoe throwing at Bordeaux Wine Festival (don’t bother searching, I’m a gold medalist in that discipline).

You can also write your most beautiful postcards saying “Bons baissers du vignoble bordelais” and the team will post them for you (such darlings). And for my admirers, the answer is yes: we can take a photo together at the wine-themed photobooth… Enjoy!

Inhale, swirl, sip, but also relax, read, and play with family or friends. Contests, quizzes, and solidarity challenges… wine-themed prizes will be up for grabs, even though, as the saying goes, “the most important thing is to savor.”

Blazing Evenings

From 6:29PM, at the “A Full-day in the Bordeaux vineyard” booth, we switch to a festive apéro-guinguette mode. Get ready for 4 legendary Bordeaux Wine Festival evenings! Châteaux DJ sets, a cult quiz with world-famous host Philippe Maurice (I’ve studied up), a top-secret special Pulpe soirée… Does it make your mouth water? Find the complete lineup here.

Bordeaux Wine Festival: Prestigious Vintage

You now know (almost) everything about the sparkling and tasty edition that the Bordeaux châteaux have prepared for Bordeaux Wine Festival 2023. Other surprises await you on-site: concerts, artistic performances, exceptional tall ships, drone ballets… So, hurry up and book your Tasting Pass. Now, all that’s left is to patiently wait for the big days.


The Pulpe blogger