Saint-Émilion, Pomerol, Fronsac

History, stunning scenery and fine wine…

Let’s go on an irresistible Wine Trip in the Saint-Émilion, Pomerol, Fronsac vineyard. From the Dordogne riverbanks to the edge of the Périgord, experience this exceptional natural haven and take time out to visit world-famous châteaux: Angélus, Cheval Blanc… Ring a bell? The vineyard was farmed from ancient times but boomed in the Middle Ages following trade from the Libourne bastide port. One thing’s for sure: you can drink in the incredible landscapes and heritage of the Saint-Émilion, Pomerol and Fronsac vineyards whatever the season!

Feast your eyes…

… At the medieval city of Saint-Émilion and its jurisdiction of course! This UNESCO World Heritage “Cultural Landscape” whisks you away to another world. Take to the skies and delve deep into the land to uncover its stunning vineyard and incredible history. Soar over rows of vines soaking up the listed architectural and vineyard views from a hot-air balloon, with a glass of wine of course. Hop on board a tuk-tuk and dive into one of the many quarries under Saint-Émilion.

Nature lovers will be in their element on walks on paths running through the vineyard, from Fronsac, Pomerol and Sainte-Foy-la-Grande to Castillon. Explore this universe with family or friends, by segway, on foot or by bike because here, you visit the area your way.

Fun fact time

The Mascaret is an incredibly rare tidal bore that regularly appears in Gironde during high tide between June and October. The tide makes the Gironde Estuary rise and creates a series of 5-7 waves that form on the Dordogne and Garonne upstream. Surfers and kayakers love riding the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it waves in Saint-Pardon on the Dordogne or Podensac and Saint-Macaire on the Garonne. And we love watching them! If you don’t want to miss the show, hit the riverbanks before the waves arrive as it only lasts a few minutes. And if you’re never without your leash then grab your wetsuit and dive in.

What’s on?

All year round, musical notes blend with wine notes in prestigious château courtyards and grounds for the Grandes Heures de Saint-Émilion, events that are not to be missed! The châteaux open to visitors for tastings, cellar tours and activities for the Appellations Open Doors.

Always wanted to unleash your inner warrior? Travel back in time for a unique vineyard event: the Battle of Castillon. This fun and family-friendly event is a breath-taking show that will whisk you back to the legendary battle that ended the Hundred Years’ War and returned Aquitaine to France

Get a taste for it!

Have you walked the medieval city’s cobbled lanes? No pain no gain right? Get away from it all for a few minutes in the Cordeliers cloister grounds and enjoy a glass of sparkling white wine. That’s right, there’s more than just red wine to Saint-Émilion. You can serve your drink with a little macaron, a delicate biscuit made from fresh eggs and almonds: it’s the city’s signature dessert and has been an institution since 1620. Renowned eateries, bijou brasseries, small producers and markets pepper the vineyard to tantalise your tastebuds! Our top tip for you is Sainte-Foy-la-Grande market. We love spending our Saturdays strolling merrily along the colourful stalls surrounded by stunning half-timbered houses in one of the biggest bastides in Gironde.

Head to the Maisons des Vins to sample the “wine of the moment” (open daily). Make the most of your break to stop at one and go home with the right tipple for you. The Maison du Vin Castillon Côte de Bordeaux is one of them. It’s the perfect place to taste wine all year round and get away from it all: take your pick from horse rides among the vines, vineyard flyovers and mountain bike tours of the vineyard!

Pamper yourself

Our irresistible vineyard is jam-packed with ways to let off steam, but a break between the vines and fir trees in a little wooden hut in Fronsac gets our mouths watering! You can count on relaxation and a breath of fresh air at Le Bassin du Tertre: why not end your day in the jacuzzi? 

The nearby Libourne docks have had a makeover and it’s a real treat stretching your legs here, especially at sunset if you want to up the zen vibe. Set sail with Libourne Tourist Information on board Le Pibale to visit or revisit the Dordogne between July and September… go with the flow!

Check out our wine tasting selection in Saint-Emilion, Pomerol and Fronsac

parole de vigneron
Must- do

Make your way to Place des Créneaux at the top of the city to feast your eyes on unobstructed views of the vines and see why it’s been nicknamed “hill of a thousand châteaux”.

Not to be missed: the collegiate cloister, king’s keep, market hall, washhouse and countless lanes paved in cobblestones brought over by the English who stuffed their ships’ hulls with wine casks before setting sail.

As for Pomerol, we fell head over heels for Château Beauregard, a little gem in a pastoral setting and a fermenting room… amazing. Speaking of amazing, Château de la Rivière and its impressive 16th century building in Fronsac is just that. Make the most of your trip here to explore 8 hectares of underground cellars on a UNIQUE experience surrounded by over 700,000 bottles!