Blaye & Bourg

This vineyard north of Bordeaux lies by an estuary and has everything you could wish for!

Deep in the valleys, on the water’s edge, the wineries and history make it what it is. You just have to travel the narrow and beautiful Corniche Fleurie road along the Dordogne to get to grips with this vineyard. The “carrelets” (fishing huts) and troglodyte houses nestled in the limestone cliffs will leave you speechless, we promise! The road connecting Côtes de Blaye to Côtes de Bourg is ideal for bike rides. So hop on your bike and let your hair blow in the wind on a wine trip that’s simply IRRESISTIBLE.

Feast your eyes

When you hit the Blaye-Bourg vineyard paths, you know you’re in for some outstanding heritage. Let’s go back in time to Prehistory at Pair-non-Pair Cave to see animal engravings from over 30,000 years ago. The Gallo-Roman Villa of Plassac whisks us back to ancient times: a wealthy owner had a stunning residence built with mosaics overlooking the estuary.

Blaye Citadel (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

Blaye Citadel is undoubtedly one of the greatest feats by the military architect Sébastien Vauban (biased? Moi?!). It’s the perfect place for an impromptu picnic with heart-warming and peaceful sunsets. Le Cellier des Vignerons opens in the heart of the building in summer and sells over 80 types of wine, making it a go-to among foodies who want to unearth local crus. A vineyard even hides in this unique architectural spot: Clos de l’Echauguette. The organic vineyard is ploughed by horse, grapes are picked by hand and the wine is aged in oak barrels for 16 months. It all goes into an exclusive (only 700 bottles a year), full-bodied, complex and elegant wine true to the high standard Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux appellation wine.

Bourg old town

The river reigns supreme in Bourg: as you wander the pretty streets, it’s not unusual to stumble upon memorable views of the Dordogne. You have incredible views of this hilltop village from the port, which is both a departure and arrival point for wine cruises. At the top of town, the Bourg Citadel’s charterhouse, French gardens and balcony over the river are worth a visit. Speaking of unobstructed views, the Maison des Vins de Bourg terrace is the place to be for a drink at the end of the day. Whether you’re here to visit the vaulted cellar, meet appellation winemakers, watch a concert or match, you can always count on a warm and hearty welcome.

Fun fact time

60 seconds to tell you about a place worth visiting in Blaye and Bourg? You’re on: let’s go to Château Monconseil Gazin. Aside from tasting tours and food & wine pairing classes, the whole family is invited to experience adventure in the vineyard. Escape games, “Bacchus’ 12 Feats” Oenopiades, Wine Tai Chi and introductions to harvests, blending and pruning introduce us to the world of passionate owners.

What’s on?

Get your diary out so you can soak up Blaye and Bourg’s vineyard. Obviously the Open Doors but that’s not all! Blaye Citadel plays host to a hundred appellation winemakers at the Printemps des Vins de Blaye festival. The epicurean weekend is jam-packed with activities, tastings, workshops and a foodie market. Right up our street! Summer means Festibalades. The châteaux all take their turn to open up and bring you a guided your in the vines with a naturalist guide followed by a tour of the winery, a tasting and… they’ve saved the best ’til last: dinner in the vines. The perfect postcard for your summer nights.

There’s lots on in Côtes de Bourg too, starting with the Nuit du Terroir. Feasts, good music, local produce (Arcachon oysters, Bordeaux snail stew etc.) all in a rustic, family-friendly and epicurean evening. In terms of music, the iconic Black Bass Festival, Celti’Teuillac, Flam’ and Vie Sauvage are always a hit.

Sport is all the rage here too! Keen and novice runners love the Spicy Rallye des Côtes de Bourg and Marathon des Vins de Blaye!

Get a taste for it!

Blaye and Bourg is packed with Bordeaux at its best. The red wine stands out for the merlot variety which produces delicious, easy-to-drink wine with fruity notes that bring local treats to mind: Blaye pralines and Figue de Bourg©. The white wine tends to be made from sauvignon blanc with its fabulously refreshing citrus and tropical fruit aromas. It’s the perfect match for Blaye asparagus, a dish that balances sweetness and bitterness to a tee. Bon appétit!

Pamper yourself

Taking care of yourself means listening to your body and learning to let go: an early morning walk beneath the pine trees around the Lacs du Moulin Blanc or basking in the sunshine by the water is Bordeaux’s take on La Dolce Vita. The Castor Wakepark in Saint-Laurent d’Arce is full to bursting with invigorating outdoor escapades in season. After a spot of wakeboarding, wakeskating, waterskiing or tubing, we guarantee you’ll enjoy your deckchair and tapas even more.

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parole de vigneron
Must- do

We have the perfect place for thrill-seekers in our little black book: La ferme du Ciel. The vineyard views are mind-blowing from the comfort of a hot-air balloon. Take off from Laruscade, soar over the Isle Valley then the wind will gently introduce you to the unfurling St Emilion vineyard. It’s a feast for all the senses as, once you’re back on land, your bravery is rewarded with a local product tasting. Yet another “epicurious” experience for your Wine Trip.

Pure joy… Soak up the Blaye and Bourg vineyard in all its glory!