Bordeaux Maison de Grands Crus

Maison de Grands Crus (CVBG) is dedicated to handling every aspect of the Grands Crus negociant trade, while nurturing the values of tradition, exclusivity and quality that form the essence of its existence.
CVBG is a stand-alone company based in Bordeaux, led by Mathieu Chadronnier, who has devoted his entire professional career to the company, as much in respect of family tradition, as through fervent, personal passion.

A wealth of experience working not only with top tier Bordeaux wine professionals, but also the leading players in the prestige wine market in France and around the world, has brought a richer dimension to his young, respectful, yet uncompromising vision. Ethics, exacting standards, modernity and professionalism define his approach.

CVBG is backed by significant financial security and global reach as part of Thiénot Bordeaux Champagnes, a powerful, yet family-owned, premium company.

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