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Rémi Lamerat’s Rugby & Wine Interview

September 2023

Between rugby and wine, Rémi Lamerat refuses to choose. Taking advantage of this exciting Rugby World Cup year, we asked the UBB player to open up about his two passions.


Pulpe: How did your two passions originate?

Rémi Lamerat: They come from my roots, my origins. I’m from Bordeaux, born in Sainte-Foy-la-Grande, a small town on the border of the Dordogne. My father was a rugby player, and the family owned vineyards and worked in the wine industry, so I grew up around these two worlds. For nearly 15 years, I had the privilege of pursuing my vocation, which was rugby. When it came time to find my second career, I wanted to continue to indulge in my second passion: wine. Grape farming and turning grapes into wine have fascinated me for a long time.

How does Rémi Lamerat, a professional rugby player, one day become a winemaker?

It’s true; it’s not a common transition! There are many parallels between the world of rugby, and team sports in general, and agriculture. And after your sports career ends, you have to find another activity. A few years ago, I completed a vocational degree in viticulture and winemaking, which allowed me to master vine farming, grape transformation into wine, and its marketing. Now, it’s been over a year that we’ve been getting our hands dirty in the vineyards (laughs)!

The Rugby World Cup in Bordeaux, what does that inspire in you?

As a sports and rugby enthusiast, I consider it an incredible opportunity and an honor to host such an event. Especially when you realize the emotions, sharing, and conviviality that sports can bring. Beyond sports, I believe that all the regions hosting the matches will be showcased. In Bordeaux, I think we have an ambassadorial role to play by introducing visitors to our beautiful region and our great products. We want them to leave here having experienced some fantastic moments.

A nice spot for some sports in the vineyard?

Well, maybe not in the wine cellars, because hydration is crucial during physical activity (laughs). But indeed, when you’re fortunate to work outdoors in nature, and the weather is fine, I believe the agricultural plots are beautiful places to engage in some sports. If there’s a stray ball lying around, a quick match can be easily improvised.

Could you give us your typical day/week as a winemaker?

I’m fortunate to live where I work, so it allows me to spend time with my family, which is very important to me. Afterward, I have a coffee with my employee, Romain, with whom I’ve been working on the property for a year and a half. Together, we review the week’s progress. The vine’s life cycle is highly regulated by nature, so throughout the year, we never do the same thing. Right now, we’re focused on pruning the vines, but I might also find myself using pruning shears in the vineyards or cleaning some tanks in the cellars. I could also work on designing labels with my partner Carla, who is a graphic designer, or sell wine at a local wine shop. Being a winemaker is a job where you can do it all!

Match Broadcasts in the Vineyard

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