Organic wine (but that’s not all!)

Fancy exploring places and activities committed to the environment and energy transition?

The Bordeaux vineyard is eco-friendly with over 60% of wineries now involved in an environmental certification!

More and more châteaux run tours about sustainable development and new eco-friendly winemaking techniques. So open the door, step into the cellar, taste blind and learn how the Bordeaux vineyard is doing its bit for the planet.

*AB (organic agriculture), Demeter (biodynamic agriculture), HVE (High Environmental Value), Terra Vitis (sustainable vine growing), Biodyvin (biodynamic vine growing), AREA (eco-friendly agriculture in Aquitaine), SME (environmental resource management), AFAQ ISO14001 (environmental management certification), Agriconfiance (eco-friendly vine growing methods).

Pulpe's tip

The Bordeaux vineyard is the 1st vineyard to include environmental techniques in the specifications for appellations. For example, Saint-Émilion and Côtes de Bourg were the first to include prior involvement in an environmental certification in their specifications. You can’t go wrong!

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