Day out

One sweet day: the sequel has come at the right time!

May 2021

Did PULPE and the first slice of the “ONE SWEET DAY” article get your mouth watering? Good, because now it’s time for a second fabulous day in the countryside along the majestic Route de la Corniche Fleurie between Roque-de-Thau and Bayon.

9.30 – Tartines and chocolatines

We start our second day with a hearty breakfast and pick up sandwiches for lunch from Bellet bakery and Blaye pralines from Bregier cake shop.

10.00 Oh the gorgeous Gallo-Roman mosaics 

A short ride later and we’re in the maze-like Gallo-Roman Villa of Plessac. The archaeological digs have unearthed stunning colourful mosaics in almost perfect condition.

11.00 – On the Roque

We continue our estuary outing towards the small port of Roque de Thau. As you leave the village, the view from the road drinks in the estuary in all its glory.

11.30 – Hollyhock and banana trees

We’re on it! We pedal along the pretty Route de la Corniche Fleurie and ride through Le Pain de Sucre, Marmisson and Le Furt. The warm micro-climate means bay, banana and palm trees grow in the white stone houses’ pretty gardens.

12.00 – Picnic break under the “troglos” 

The tables near the “carrelet” fishing huts are an invitation to get our sandwiches out. Odd troglodyte houses in the cliffside watch over us. The former stone quarries have been renovated into homes for nature and river lovers. We can see why…

14.00 – Corniche and Capitaines

We continue our estuary experience and pass through Le Rigalet. The Route de la Corniche Fleurie is also known as the “Route des Capitaines” as captains had the white and elegant houses built here looking out over the Gironde Estuary.  

14.30 – Keep up the energy

We just have to climb the hill separating us from Bayon-sur-Gironde, the last stop and highest point of both banks of the estuary. Sailors used the statue of Mary on the church belltower to find their way from the river. Modillion on the corniche catch our eye. A cat’s head here, a pig’s head there, an entire zoo watches us from its stone setting. We leave this little gem of 12th