The Cité du Vin

Foundation for Wine Culture and Civilisations

Wine has sculpted lands, culture and mankind around the world over the years so the Cité du Vin was founded in 2016 with one sole goal: To protect, promote and pass on this priceless legacy.

Your break’s must-do

Run by the Foundation for Wine Culture and Civilisations, La Cité du Vin is the absolute must-do on your break in the Bordeaux vineyards. Just picture centuries of history in a glass case.

Set sail on a unique adventure through time and continents alongside your tour companion, a device enabling you to explore La Cité du Vin’s permanent exhibition at your own pace: a digital and sensory experience suitable for everyone.

What a feast!

Tuck into a regional meal washed down by 500 wine options on La Cité du Vin’s 7th floor which serves non-stop!

La Cité’s ground floor is home to le Latitude20 whose 3-in-1 eatery is open all day: 1 cellar with almost 800 types of wine (not many then!), a brasserie and a wine bar all in a cosy contemporary setting.

Take to the skies

The cherry on the cake? End your trip with a tasting on La Cité du Vin’s belvedere… The view of Bordeaux from the top floor is simply breath-taking!

A little architectural gem 

You can’t miss La Cité du Vin, it’s a key part of Bordeaux’s architectural heritage. Its statement structure lets your imagination run wild. A constantly moving gold setting inspired by a curvaceous and sensual rootstock.

The building was designed by XTU architects and British exhibition designers Casson Mann with one goal in common: make La Cité du Vin a majestic and iconic building.

A world of culture

Aside from the permanent exhibition, La Cité du Vin is constantly evolving, it’s alive with discovery and culture.
It hosts exciting cultural events all year round: concerts, conferences, gourmet film nights, screenings, debates and more. An all-round schedule that’s updated every season!

Sensational in every way

Learn, taste, smell, touch… soak up La Cité du Vin’s year-round workshops. There are six themes for all ages and audiences whether you’re a novice, enthusiast, connoisseur or child. We won’t tell you any more, just try it for yourself!

Time for a break

Get together or relax with a coffee or comic at La Cité. There are over 1500 publications about the world of wine available for you to read: all in 5 languages to browse on-site.

As you can see, temporary exhibitions, exciting cultural events, themed workshops, a reading room, shop and café make La Cité du Vin a hive of life and culture for everyone!

La Cité du Vin