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Escape rooms are all the rage!

May 2021

They’re all over the Bordeaux vineyard, they’ve taken over the châteaux and are full of mysteries about history, the vine and wine, in the storerooms, cellars or the châteaux themselves.

A snapshot of escape rooms in the vineyard

For thrill-seekers

At Château de Bonhoste (Saint-Jean de Blaignac), you’re suspected of stealing the harvest, poisoned and have one hour left to live… You have to find the antidote in the cellar before time runs out…

Château de La Rivière (Fronsadais) takes you underground in the château’s 8 hectares of pitch black cellars. Your team has 45 minutes to find the way out of the numbing cold, damp, darkness and strange sounds of wine and barrels: work out the padlock’s code to get into the cell of a former prisoner who still wanders here and find the key to set yourselves free. Extra Pulpe: Did you know that the Château de La Rivière cellars were dug out between 1840 and 1890 to extract limestone rock that was used to build Bordeaux’s Grand Théâtre/Opera house?

For history and mystery lovers

Laurence, the enthusiastic owner at Château des Mailles, leads you from one riddle to the next in the history of Sainte-Croix-du-Mont wine to find the key to the mystery chest. Château Castera (Saint-Germain d’Esteuil) whisks you back to the Renaissance in Médoc, when Thomas de Montaigne, the château owner, catches you in the medieval tower and wrongly accuses you of stealing money… Can you find the real thief?

Plassac’s villagers believe the local legend that Charlemagne’s treasure is hidden atChâteau Monconseil-Gazin (Plassac)… It’s up to you and your team to solve the wine-themed riddles, codes and puzzles to find the treasure and help you escape the château’s 100 year old cellar. Extra Pulpe: This is a unique adventure in the Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux appellation that won a Best of Wine Tourism award in 2019 !

For passionate puzzlers

The Sweet Escape adventure at Château Rayne-Vigneau takes you back to 1940 in Bommes near Sauternes, where a deposit of gemstones was found on the famous vineyard! Solve codes and puzzles to unlock the winery’s dining room to unearth the stone that will elevate the standard of this 1er Grand Cru Classé.

You don’t need to know your wine for the EscapeWine® experience at Château Pas de l’Ane (Saint-Emilion), but you do need to use all 5 senses to solve the puzzles as well as your common sense and deductive reasoning to unlock the wine secret… You have one hour to find the code that unlocks the door to the winemaking treasure! Extra Pulpe: there’s a junior version so you can make it a family outing.

Team Arsène Lupin or Agatha Christie?…

With Escape Hunt in Bordeaux, and Le Casse de Saint-Emilion, unleash your inner thief to steal the very first bottle of Grand Cru Saint-Emilion that’s been in the family for several generations and is the star of a prestigious auction at Château de la Rosière.

Switch sides at Château Maubats and join the Wine Detectives Squad to investigate a group of foreign spies’ plan to steal the secrets behind making the wine. Join La Convoitise du Bio adventure (wheelchair-friendly) at Château de Cranne on the hunt for the people who’ve kidnapped the château’s wine expert before he reveals the revolutionary recipe for his organic wine blend.

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Extra Pulpe

This is your passport to experience all the Gironde Wine Escape Rooms have to offer at three châteaux: Château de Rayne Vigneau (Sauternes), Château Monconseil-Gazin (Blaye) and Château Pas de l’Âne (Saint-Émilion). The Escape Pass is your ticket to fun and prizes at discounted prices. You can download the Pass from the châteaux website!